Pilot site Nissan Retail Design Initiative (NREDI) 2.1

by | May 30, 2017 | Projects

I have been working on a European roll out project for the Nissan showrooms in the past years. I have been managing the implementation of the new interior retail concept in 20+ dealerships across Belgium and Luxemburg.

Evolution of Nissan Retail Environment (NRE 1.5)

Recently an evolution of the Nissan Retail Environment (NRE 1.5) concept has been announced.
First dealership which has the global concept is Nalley in Atlanta (US). In the European region the concept has been aligned to the NRE 1.5.

Every market European market needed to appoint one pilot dealer. The pilot site for Belux is Nissan Gent, a brand new dealer in an old Citroën building : lucky for me as a real Ghenteneer (or “Gentenaar”) 🙂


The biggest evolution is the addition of the exterior signage to the scope. Nissan’s current signage exists more than 10 years, so it’s time for something fresh and new.

The biggest item has been installed above the main entrance. It’s called “the tablet”. This item is a bold statement to identify the entrance. It will even be more visible once the interior has been fitted out as the concept creates a connection between outside and inside. It has been a challenge to install this element but the result is stunning!

To be continued…

The works in Nissan Gent have been ongoing since a few months, but we are planning to finish this brand new showroom by Mid June. So I’ll definitely keep you posted about the ongoing interior works and the final result!

I am curious to hear your opinions about the new exterior visual identity! Share your opinion in the comments below.

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